The feedback tracker for building better features

In one centralized place address customer grievances to be more organized using AI and No Code

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Make informed product decisions and build what really matters

Plan out with coherence with your users

Don’t waste time building the unwanted things. See who requests which features and get clarity about their use case up front.

Get updates on Slack

When a feature gets added or changed get notifications on your slack channel

Users and Team feedback in one place

Put all the user and team feedback in one place. Notify them when the features are implemeted

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Use awesome Integrations

You can connect your app to Twitter or Facebook or GitHub to track feedback automatically with ease by Zapier

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Give Priority using AI

All the feedbacks are analysed using Artificial Intelligence to give more attention to Higher priority ones via NLP

Be an Open StartUp

Show off your page views by embedding Google Analytics, being open is 2019

Analyse quickly using charts

Your team can understand the important feedback which require attention by the visual feedback of charts

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Still Not Convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help!

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Be part of my Journey

I am trying my best to get out of existential crisis by regularly launch products and write blogs. Let's build together this spaceship of my dreams.

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