The feedback tracker for building better features

Collect feedback from customers and give them a voice in your product, listen and build a relationship with customers.

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Build what your customers actually want

Don’t waste time building the unwanted things. See who requests which features and get clarity about their use case up front

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Users and Team feedback in one place

Put all the user and team feedback in one place. Notify them when the features are implemeted

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Collaborating more on feedback now. More accountability.

Vishnu KS
Greater collaboration and less Sheets!

Mohd Abdullah



Team and users can see what you are working on from roadmap

Identify Users

Automatically tie feedback to your existing user accounts

Custom domain

Use your own domain

Vote on behalf

Collect feedback from phone calls and email then vote on behalf of them

Import from CSV

Easily migrate from your existing solution or google sheets

Multi language support

The post card is customisable in any language or text you want it to be

Multiple admins

Invite your team from platforms such as email

Customize CSS

Add custom the css based on your companies identity and make the board feel part of the website

Custom Topics

Add custom topics to the posts

Assign to team member

Assign to have clarity for communication within team

Notify User

Notify when you ship the feature to all the users who upvoted

Internal Comments

Talk to your teammates and exchange ideas

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Built With Launchaco